Max (hawkida) wrote,


When you work in a big city, every so often you get to see news breaking. Right now there's a protest against the Prudential going on outside my office window. It's all very civilised, a mostly male turn out of people who seem to be 40 plus. The photographers are in attendance and placards are being waved. I'd tell you more, but I can't. Here's a hint, guys: Placards work best when you choose a legibly sized font.

And you can never find any reports on this kind of thing online. I just tried. Ananova had nothing recent about Prudential. BBC, same story, more or less. Certainly nothing about protests. So I turned to "Prudential protest" returned nothing likely looking so I shortened it to "Pru protest" since I'd managed to glean at least that word from a well spaced if not well placard. The first match was from

I give up.
Tags: london

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