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New Friends list
spikey eye bw
I've switched to the new LJ feeds list and I actually quite like it.

I do think they should allow users to customise the CSS to their heart's content, though, it shouldn't be that hard to supply a user editable stylesheet.

The complaints I'd heard don't seem to be that accurate - it certainly doesn't seem illegible. Although it has infinite scrolling (which I dislike) there is a promise that pagingation will still exist for those who want it. There is a lot of white space, but that only bothers me in cases like Andrew Ducker's links lists, otherwise I have no issue. Complaints that "if I go away I'll have to scroll forever to see what happened while I was gone" are erroneous - you now have easier than ever access to seeing your friends list for an exact day using the now more visible calendar features. The "up" button is implemented well to show when updates appear. Personally I think the default is an improvement. I do, though, think that it should be user-customisable.

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I like the listing page, but I don't like the way that it shows comments in the journals own style - I find some of them very difficult to read, and had it set to display them in my own style, which is no longer does.

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Oh God, I'm going to have to play with it and make my links look nicer, aren't I?

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